Control units

Command and control systems for machines – Software man/machine (HMI)
Process control systems – PLC software

We have specific software dept. (SD) for design and development of complete systems for command and control machines and process. Particularly, SD design “user friendly” interface man/machine (HMI) software, useful for no expert operator and always in safety condition.

Command and control systems for machines

It can be composed by:

  • PLC + Operator Panel, for simple applications
  • PLC + axes control unit + industrial PC, for more complicate and evolved machines
  • PLC + CNC, for machine with particular functions or with interpolation multi axes machine


  • Logical programmable (PLC) software always with comments
  • Man/machine software (HMI) with industrial PC, developed with specific software, work in Windows OS and design on reference of machine type
  • Application under CNC, use of ISO language

Process controls

Special systems with different levels, on reference to the number of channels under control:

  • Basic = heating energy control and quenching shower flow control
  • Middle = heating energy control, oscillating frequency, quenching shower flow, quenchant temperature
  • Evolved = heating energy control, voltage, current, frequency, quenching shower flow, quenchant temperature. Inductor collision detect.
  • Custom = the number of controls (channels), is selected on reference to the safety level of the process and product

Production traceability

Hardware and software systems, integrate in the machine control or in proper unit, for capture the data and record all in files as “production reports”.

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