Case studies

Automatic machine for hardening and tempering of automotive hub bearing

Technical requirements

  • Induction Hardening and tempering for inner and outer hub bearings in full automatic cycle.
  • Setup for change production type less then 15 minutes.
  • Full automatic machine production without human presence.
  • Total parameters process for in process active control.
  • Automatic system for storage and tracking of all quality monitoring data.


Hub bearing with max flange diameter up to 200 mm, and total height up to 150 mm.


MPL1T 2R Machine description:

  • Automatic load and unload handling.
  • Piece movement by linear pallet.
  • Automatic mechanical Setup at production change (auto setup).
  • Hardening heating station with 200 kW – 12 kHz power unit.
  • Quenching hardening station and conditioning temperature station.
  • Dry station before tempering.
  • Multiple Tempering stations for stress relieving with 30×2 kW – 180-300 Hz power units.
  • “In Process 5.0” Energy monitoring for hardening process: the unique system that measure real Energy transfer from inductor to piece.
  • Control system for tempering phase.
  • Production output 360 pieces/hour.
  • Setup time: 10 minutes.
  • Automatic system for storage and tracking all production data IPC 5.0.