Cooling systems

GSC systems for the cooling of electrical components

The incorrect cooling of electrical components may often cause failure.

IVET GSC systems, designed on plant power and process type, are the best solution for the proper cooling of electrical parts.

GSC groups are normally composed of:

  • Stainless steel tank, with min. level sensor
  • Water/water heat exchanger, in stainless steel plates
  • Main cooling pump, in stainless steel
  • Magnetic flow sensors, with alarm set point adjustable on board

For special requirements, there are additional components as:

  • Automatic switch off, in order to reduce the industrial water consumption
  • Automatic anti-freeze system
  • Automatic anti-condensation system
  • Automatic system for detect water conductibility
  • Additional pump for high pressure inductor feeding

CLT system for quenching phase

The incorrect quenching, in particularly hardening process, is often reason of no good metallurgical results.
The incorrect filtration of quenchant mixture too, is an important factor that must be considered, for a good operation of the machine and constant process results.

The IVET CLT system, design on reference to power supply and type of process, are the optimal solution per a right workpiece quenching.

The CLT system is composed usually with:

  • Stainless steel tank, with level sensor
  • Cooling pump in stainless steel
  • Water/water heat exchanger, with stainless steel plates
  • Shower pump, in stainless steel
  • Automatic system for work temperature stabilization
  • Automatic filtering system

For special requirements, there are additional components as:

  • Additional magnetic filtering section
  • Automatic pre-heating system, base on weekly schedule
  • Automatic system for remove oil suspended
  • Automatic system for type selection of quenchant mixture (in case of two or more CLT systems)
  • Automatic switch off, in order to reduce industrial water consumption