1979 – 2022: over 40 years of research and innovation

Since 1979, we have been committed to designing and producing systems for induction heating industrial applications, mainly in the automotive sector.

In the last 40 years, our increasing specialization in the field of tempering and detente resulted in a remarkable development to such an extent our experience and know-how is now comparable to those of the world’s best manufacturers.


Constant Product and Process Development

Our policy has always been based on a constant development of products and processes. Such policy has allowed us to offer complete and technologically advanced production programs, with top performance solutions and undisputed reliability.

Our products and technology are the result of a careful choice of solutions and components, together with an accurate supervision of all construction phases and a scrupulous testing before product delivery.


Flexibility, Prompt Availability and Impeccable After-sales Service

Over the years, our spot-on business strategies and constant commitment have been awarded by an increasing number of worldwide Customers. Despite our thirty-year experience, our staff is young, under 38 on average.

Thanks to our great organization chart, all the necessary know-how for project development and implementation is company based.

Flexibility, prompt availability and an impeccable after-sales service are our strengths.


Enrico Marcolungo

Enrico graduated from the University of Padua in Electrical Engineering and has a 20-year experience in the induction heating sector.
His business management mission is based on two principles: teamwork and top customer satisfaction.
Internationalization and constant product improvement are his current challenges.

Commercial Director

Daniele Zornetta

Daniele has a 35-year experience and mechanical, electrical and metallurgical procedure skills.
Thanks to his great expertise and experience, he is the trusted person customers turn to, to find the best process and production solutions.