IGBT generators for induction heating

Generator with full digital control DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

Since the first generator made in 1979 (80 kW – 8 kHz, a SCR) up today, all know how has been development full inside IVET.
Research and development has brought IVET technology to produce more reliable and high performances generators.
Today, our manufacturing program is for full IGBT transistor converters with digital control DSP type.
The updating to the digital control, has allowed to replacement of over 70% of electronic boards (hardware) to software.
The software, has allowed a more sophisticated and precise controls of electronics functions as; command, regulation, control and protection.
The integrate keyboard, allows the user to have a fast and precise diagnostic of all electronics and cooling functions.

All IVET generators use a series resonant circuit insofar, auto-tuning (no manual operation for tuning will be necessary at change inductor). The high level of flexibility (Q-Factor over 2), allows to obtain the max. power in output, with a large range of inductors (single or multi coils).
Furthermore, to fit every customer request, from 2016 IVET also produces generators with a parallel resonance circuit.

Now, our manufacturing program includes:

  • Output power range from 10 to 800 kW
  • Work frequency range from 100 Hz to 200 kHz


  • Double outputs, with manual or automatic switch
  • Frequency switch; high/medium/low (for a standard work frequency reduction up to 50%)

All models include:

  • Supply transformer
  • “Chopper” voltage regulator, with IGBT transistor