Case study

Automatic machine for hardening of slewing bearing and tooth gear

Technical requirements

  • Hardening of internal/external raceway
  • Hardening of double raceway
  • Hardening of internal/external tooth gear
  • No load/unload waste lost
  • Low adaptive operation to pass from slewing bearing to tooth gear
  • Low setup time machine
  • Automatic inductor cleaning procedure
  • Hardening control process parameters


  • Slewing bearing with diameter from 300 to 1500 mm
  • Raceway diameter up to 40 mm
  • Tooth height up to 150 mm


MTR 1500 4ac 2P machine description:

  • Double hardening station, each with automatic self centring chuck
  • Automatic self centring inductor-raceway
  • Automatic tuning for constant air gap inductor-raceway
  • Automatic self centring inductor-tooth
  • Automatic cycle for double hardening raceway
  • Automatic “recovery” cycle for tooth by tooth hardening
  • Circular scanner hardening process for raceway
  • Vertical scanner hardening process for tooth
  • Hardening power unit 150 kW – 10 – 15 kHz
  • Station for automatic cleaning of inductor
  • No lost time for load/unload operation
  • Complete control parameter integrated for both hardening process
  • Setup up time : 15 minute

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