Realizzazioni specifiche
per ogni cliente

Processi e prodotti innovativi

Tecnologie per
l’induzione dal 1979


Equipment Design
and Manufacturing

Since the beginning in 1979, the company is focus in design and manufacture induction heating machine for industrial application, especially for “automotive” industries.
In last 40 years of production we improve our specialization in hardening and tempering process. This specialization permit to IVET to achieve a great technological development and today we could claim experience and know-how at same level of most important European induction heating manufacturing company.

From simple application to high production complex man-less machine, we develop any kind of equipment base on customer’s request add all our specific knowhow and experience in order to provide high level reliability and security

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Induction Heating Technology

Induction heating, is a contactless process to increase temperature in a workpiece put it into alternate electromagnetic field.

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We have a large field of solutions already tested, but our customer can always expect a proper design with the best solution to his technical and economic requirements.

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