Case studies

Full automatic system with robot for hardening and tempering of steering rack “input shaft”

Technical requirements

  • Hardening and tempering of steering rack “input shaft”.
  • Setup time machine no more then 5 minute.
  • Control crack detection at 100%.
  • Production = 240 pieces/hour.
  • Automatic time production = 60 minute (without human operator).
  • Total system control of hardening and tempering process.
  • Minimum human operations are requested.


Input shaft with maximum height up to 350 mm and diameter up to 30 mm.


MTV500 TR 12_3P machine, description:

  • Index table machine with 12 positions for hardening and tempering.
  • Piece handling made by robot.
  • Automatic mechanical setup.
  • Hardening vertical scanner process with 80 kW – 100 kHz power unit.
  • “Single shot” stress relieving tempering process with 20 kW – 20 kHz power unit.
  • Crack detection station.
  • Three independent automatic stores, with capability of 100 pieces each. Loading and Unloading store without stop production. Machine autonomy up to 60 minute.
  • Total control system of process parameters for hardening and tempering induction treatment.
  • Automatic system alarm for restart production without human operation and manual reset.
  • Production up to 240 pieces/hour.
  • Time machine setup: 5 minutes.